Friday, June 26, 2015

The power of doa

hello guys

Benda yang buat sy mcm sekarang. Doa, that help me find my right path in this life. Doa, that brings me closer to someone that I have never imagined to be with. Doa, sangat hebat.

I have never felt doa as something yang "wow". For me, doa is doa. We pray for goodness, tapi belum tentu kita dapat. Kalau dapat, alhamdulillah. Kalau tak, that's normal, I guess?

Well, tu yang sy fikir dulu. Sampai la tiba tiba ada satu masa, I feel something different. TO be honest, it started when I was 23 years old which is last year hehe. It's not that I don't believe in God, tapi I do ambik remeh jugak la about doa. Then when I was having my final exam a few semesters back, *I was sick at that time* I was sick and I can't do anything except crying. I cried a lot. Like seriously. Because I need to get good grades *macam biasa lahh tak hbis good grades sbb diploma dlu nyesal tak study hard hehh* and my condition was not good, it was bad and real bad as bad as terribly bad. I talked to my parents. I told them what if I don't get 3.5 and above. My mother, my great-beautiful-kind-soft-hearted mother, said to me, "Takpa aih. Nak buat macam mana, buat ja yang mampu. Mama abah tak marah aih toksah duk nangis. Takpa aih." *comel kan cakap Penang hehehehehehehe* and I cried even worst. The next morning, I belajaq sambil baring okay. One whole day baring and of course bila kita sakit, kita tend to remember Allah more often. Typical human, like me. 
I prayed. I prayed a lot. Seriously sambil study I doa doa doa and doa supaya Allah helps me throughout my examination days and hopefully I will get good grades and no.. I want good grades, so I doa direct terus terang dengan Allah bagi lah dekan bagi lah usaha ni berbaloi walaupun usaha macam tak nampak sangat *yela sambil baring study and asyik lelap after few hours*

And I I managed to get GOOD GRADES :)
 Alhamdulillah. I was sick from the first day I had my final exam until the last day of examination and terus sihat sikit lepastu alhamdulillah.

then, doa jugak make me realized yang if you want something from God, ask from him. Ask anything from Him. He wants you to ask from him. Tell him. Tell everything to him, eventho he knows everything but He wants you to tell him. And this, jadi sekali yang buat sy terdiam fikir smpai skrg. Terdiam because I feel impressed with doa. Rasa hebatnya kekuatan Allah, hanya dengan doa yang kita minta, Dia boleh buat semua benda berubah jadi sebaliknya tak macam kita pernah plan or penah terfikir kita akan hadap. 

Someone doa untuk jadikan sy as his someone :)
Doa yang sweet kan hehe *don't puke please*

So many things happened before "the dreams" came true. But alhamdulillah, because of his and her *my sahabat* doa, *my mother and father also doa tau alhamdulillah* He guided me to the right path. And I chose the right person, for me myself. And I know this is the right decision and I am grateful to have them in my life now. He always said to me, doa kat Allah, minta kat Allah. And itu yang sy buat sekarang. Setiap benda sy doa walaupun nak pakai baju ke apa *dulu ambik remeh sangat kannnnn sekali Tuhan pusing sikit hati tu, terus jadi lain tau so takya la kalau nak berlagak ke apa semua benda can change okay hehe*

Bukan nak cerita pasal ni ja, tapi sebenarnya I want to share, yang kalau kita nak apa pun, kita doa. Even if something bad happened to you. He once said to me, kalau orang buat kita, doa. Doa orang teraniaya doa yang inshaAllah dimakbulkan so that is the right time to pray for goodness. Doakan that person to be good, to have good heart, and to change to a better person *and pray for ourselves too jgn lupa* so I did minta to get dekan for every semester haha ambil kesempatan atas doa

Orang buat benda buruk kat kita pun dia suruh sy doakan benda baik untuk orang tu and never doa "dia akan trima balik balasan apa dia buat" or sort of doa semua. And tu kuatkan lagi hati ni cakap, I have found the right person for me. And since then, mmg I x doa dah mcmtu. Buat la apa pun, I will pray for your happiness so you takkan kacau happiness I dah haha

Tapi benda ni tak mudah, even some people will read this and cakap sy buat bagus la cakap tak serupa bikin la but this is life. We make mistakes, so we know how to change to be better and know how to handle our ups and downs. Learn from your mistakes. Hidup ni proses hidup kita. We will continue making mistakes and all tapi belajar to handle and avoid them. And pray to Allah, ask Him to give us good life and give us strength to face the bad things in this life. Tak, bukan nak ajar, cuma nak ingatkan. I'm sure semua aware with this cuma this is my story. I'm sharing something yang I think will give you benefits.

And I can't tell you everything yang jadi but here, merangkap sedikit sebanyak yang jadi. Kalau I tell you full story, muntah satgi okay. hehe. Cuma, kalau doa ja tak usaha susah la bro. Umpama bangun tidur ada makanan tepi katil, memang idok lerrrrr. Usaha dlu then doa. Sambil doa sambil usaha. Sambil usaha ada doa. Dan segalanya janji doa lah. Okay? Jangan lupa pesan ni tau.

Oh btw, Tengah study ni boleh lagi duk singgah sini, please read dan fahamkan supaya tak sia sia apa yang sy taip ahahahaha. Okay ngantuk dah, sleep for 30 minutes and sambung study. Doakan paper sy senang rabu depan ni okay. Thanks semuaaaa. Ok. Let's tidur. Toodles ! And assalamualaikum. Tak jawab berdosa, kalau jawab sayang ehhh 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Enjoy the world, but...

Assalamualaikum hello there
giving myself some time to relax. Final exam is just so tiring. I wish I can study without exams, and how I wish my wish that I wish and I wish like I have always wished comes true. Blergh. *Not good, I know* I know I can't stop when it comes to this so let's move on. 

I don't want to talk about the negative matters on this blog but somehow I feel like typing it here. Just my two cents, btw.

Is it hard to be happy for others?

I am not that baik pun lah sbenarnya I still commit sins and all but seriously, I always tried to be sincerely happy for others. You know when people get something *tak kisah they deserve it or not* I just feel that we should be happy for them. Not that kind of fake happy like saying "I'm so happy for you omg" but inside you're thinking like it's you who deserved and not them. Yes I know I am not that kind of baik people semua but somehow, at least, when I think like that, I feel calm and happy. And seriously it does bringing us closer to Allah *And you will find your inner peace as well !*

Pray for others, wish them happiness and goodness in this life because when you do that, God will give you the same. If not here, God will reward you in the after life. And I'm a woman, I think women shouldn't hate other women. And this is the most *I think this is the biggest problems among women* favorite 'acrtivity' they'd love to do among them. For me, It's honestly a waste of time. I know we all can be better, and it will be muuuuuch better to purify our hearts to be happy for each other instead. Stop hating. You don't get anything from that and the worse case is, you won't find your own peace. those hatred will slowly make your life miserable. And God is fair, you do bad things to others, you will get back the same thing. 

If you hate someone because they're rich, there are so many people richer than them. the same thing if you hate them because they're pretty, there are millions of people prettier than them. Are you supposed to hate them too? Gah. That's tiring more than my final exam. *and better instead you replace me in this final exam, and please study of course I wan't to get good grades* there are many rooms for everyone so stop hating, and spread loves. spread kindness too !

Remember, even the people you think they have perfect lives also have badness in it. Everyone, each of us, we all have badness and goodness in our lives and how you control and choose to tell people or not differs you. So don't let the social media controls you. Enjoy social media, but chill. You have so many other things to focus on right, so instead of focusing on other people's lives, maybe we can focus on ours to make it better and better. The more we love each other for the sake of Allah swt, the more at peace we become and best of all, Allah swt acknowledges it! And that’s all that matters in the end.

Okay i'd go to bed now. It's almost 4, still bebel here and i need to study tomorrow. Well, next week will be my second paper, E-com. Semoga Natasha boleh buat dengan baik dan cemerlang dan dapat A amin. *Guys, thanks la sebab doakan sy okay! Hehe sejuta kali sy aminkan hehehe*

See you again. Bye !

Taklah, takda kena mengena, cuma tringat maybe rindu sikit k morning dan salam sahur

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blogger kesayangan orang ramai dah kahwin !

Assalamualaikum semua pembaca blog saya dan yang lain lain !

I'm soooo excited knowing that my favourite (everyone's favourite) blogger is married to his soulmate today ! I was stalking her for soooo many years yknow. I still remember how bad I wanted to be like her (and what I meant was how bad I wanted to have her face as mine, I wanted to be pretty like FL haha, she is so cute and adorable person and I'm sure she is in real life :)
She inspires me quite a lot. I love the way she thinks about love and life. She has a perfect life, family and everything (especially now, her life is now completed with the presence of his husband wohoo sukanyaaa!) Boleh tak kalau boleh semua benda dia nak jimat and in a way dia buat orang yang susah and takda apa pun boleh berangan angan tinggi! :') cantik dan murah dan simple dan segalanya ! Haha. She is a creative doctor I can say.

So today, 
she is MARRIED to Dr. Anwar Fazal. A handsome and very talented doctor. He does writing too !

But here… I want to share a few pictures of them today (I took the pictures from their instagram)

Let’s scroll down nooooow

Aaaaaa, sukanya. Siapa sangka dia dah kahwin. Haha. Still remember all those old days reading her blog. Dari pakai braces dari kat Indonesia sampai sekarang dah jadi Doctor dan DAH KAHWIN PUN ! 
Alhamdulillah. Maly Allah bless your marriage and shower you with happiness. I'm sure ramai sangat doakan kebahagiaan FL and his husband, inshaAllah !

Thanks for reading. Lepasni siapa pulak yaaaa *smirk*

P/s dulu selalu ingat FL akan guna pink colour on her wedding tapi rupanya color biru. Veeery nice and soft nampak fresh and sejuk mata memandang hihihi :p

Click here for her instagram (their wedding pictures are mostly updated here)
and here for her blog

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I have gone through so many things

and for that reason, I hope I won't write anything stupid here anymore. Well, hello and welcome to my new and clean space. The least I can do to make my life looks as "clean" as I wanted. It's good to be back here.