Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blogger kesayangan orang ramai dah kahwin !

Assalamualaikum semua pembaca blog saya dan yang lain lain !

I'm soooo excited knowing that my favourite (everyone's favourite) blogger is married to his soulmate today ! I was stalking her for soooo many years yknow. I still remember how bad I wanted to be like her (and what I meant was how bad I wanted to have her face as mine, I wanted to be pretty like FL haha, she is so cute and adorable person and I'm sure she is in real life :)
She inspires me quite a lot. I love the way she thinks about love and life. She has a perfect life, family and everything (especially now, her life is now completed with the presence of his husband wohoo sukanyaaa!) Boleh tak kalau boleh semua benda dia nak jimat and in a way dia buat orang yang susah and takda apa pun boleh berangan angan tinggi! :') cantik dan murah dan simple dan segalanya ! Haha. She is a creative doctor I can say.

So today, 
she is MARRIED to Dr. Anwar Fazal. A handsome and very talented doctor. He does writing too !

But here… I want to share a few pictures of them today (I took the pictures from their instagram)

Let’s scroll down nooooow

Aaaaaa, sukanya. Siapa sangka dia dah kahwin. Haha. Still remember all those old days reading her blog. Dari pakai braces dari kat Indonesia sampai sekarang dah jadi Doctor dan DAH KAHWIN PUN ! 
Alhamdulillah. Maly Allah bless your marriage and shower you with happiness. I'm sure ramai sangat doakan kebahagiaan FL and his husband, inshaAllah !

Thanks for reading. Lepasni siapa pulak yaaaa *smirk*

P/s dulu selalu ingat FL akan guna pink colour on her wedding tapi rupanya color biru. Veeery nice and soft nampak fresh and sejuk mata memandang hihihi :p

Click here for her instagram (their wedding pictures are mostly updated here)
and here for her blog


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